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Poisoned Sweetness

i can taste it on your lips

Hmm...I've been going by Luna for as long as it matters, so thus call me such. I luff new people, music, anime, video games, romping around downtown with my lovelies and stalking pretty boys. XD

I like making up my own words, and misinterptretting other people's words to make it sound sillyyy... Ohh, and I'm a rabid yaoi fan. Yep. Fear me. XD I luff Japanese music. Anyone wanna take me to Japan? I'll love you forever... I wanna marry a bisexual j-rock star that looks like a girl. ^_^ *le sigh* But doesn't everyone?

My journal is friends only but if you think we have something in common, leave me a comment, and I may add you back.

I stalk beautiful boys. <3

And this journal is no longer active... Soo... If you want my new journal, leave me a comment on this one and I'll be sure to add you.