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Still depressed... Last night I had the most nifty dream about Spike Jr. ^^; That was kinda cool... Then I got to school and Alex was really pissing me off. I understand she's from another country and she doesn't exactly understand me but still. ;-; I was just... Moody... Blah, and and... x.x

At lunch after we'd eaten we were walking back towards the bathroom, and we saw him and I turned to go to the bathroom like I'd intended. But did Alex? Nope.

She dropped her bag, rumaged through it and took out her cell phone and took a picture. No, I mean she didn't just take it.

She got up, slung her back pack over her shoulder and walked over to him. Like right in front of him. And took a god damn picture. *dies* It was embarressing... And though I say I'm just stalking him, I reaaaally like him... x.x And god damnit... *siiigh* Maybe if I weren't so fucking depressed this wouldn't matter...
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