Luna (lunasilvermoon) wrote,

Why do things have to be redicuslously complicated? What Dest said wasn't exactly mean, it just was like, dude, I have it worse, why is Mare tripping out? X.x That's how I see it.

I also see it as Lexi being Lexi. I mean, that is how Lexi kids around when she's irriated with Mare. I mean we all know that. Lexi has told Mare to her face if she'd be stupid enough to kill herself she wants her stuff. I mean... Really if you were going to kill yourself I'd expect6 that kind of annoyed repetitive reaction... *loe sigh* Besides this is Lexi. <3.

and I am not property to be taken from one person by another. I have enough love to go around, always have always will. So deal ya'll. There's my say in all of this. If someone wants me to pick sides or whatever, then that's there problem,... I chose my lovely Northgatian's side... so don't start some little war over a journal entry from fucking months ago...

I luff Desty.
I luff Lexi.
I luff Mare-Mo
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